November 10th Sat. & 11th Sun.

10th:10 am〜4 pm
11th:10 am〜4 pm

Kumagaya Sports and Cultural Park
Kumagaya Saitama

The National Udon Summit

Locals throughout Japan have developed their own unique recipes and techniques for making udon, leading to delicious regional specialties beloved by residents across generations. These specialties are on full display at the Udon Summit, a huge udon event showcasing the country's best noodles. First held in Shiga Prefecture in 2011, the Udon Summit comes again to Saitama Prefecture, a true udon stronghold, in 2018 for two consecutive years. Located just north of Tokyo, Saitama is an ideal and convenient place to live thanks to a well-developed, highly advanced transportation network.

From Hokkaido in the north down to Kyushu in the south, the finest connoisseurs of udon from all over Japan gather for the 8th National Udon Summit 2018 in Kumagaya City, one of Japan's leading producers of wheat. Aiming to take home victory in this udon extravaganza, chefs serve up 32 of their proudest regional udon specialties, putting visitors' taste buds to the test.

Last year, in a fierce contest spanning two days, the udon that outshone the competition in the 2017 Grand Prix was Gamagori Udon from Gamagori City in Aichi Prefecture. Thanks to everyone's overwhelming cooperation and support, the 7th National Udon Summit 2017 in Kumagaya was a huge success, attracting around 100,000 visitors!

This year, the 8th National Udon Summit 2018 in Kumagaya will be held on November 10 and 11. The ultimate battle to be declared this year's udon champion will unfold at Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, which will also serve as a venue for events during the 2019 Rugby World Cup! We look forward to welcoming you all, so come along and bring your appetite!

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Pioneer of wheat cultivation in Japan

Aizo Gonda

Aizo Gonda

Mr. Gonda was born in Kumagaya about 170 years ago. Production of wheat at that time was not stable, so many people were in trouble due to food shortage. He despaired such a situation, so he studied wheat production and cultivation technology and succeeded in making five times the harvest amount, also improving the quality of harvest. More importantly, he actively instructed the farmers in his new technology in the reagion, so that it greatly benefited the regional agriculture.
After the national government approved his achievement, he visited various parts of Japan and conducted on-site training, where the number of visiting training reached 350 times in 20 years and the number of learners visited him in Kumagaya up to more than 18,000. In the meantime, the Kumagaya-way of wheat cultivation became the standard all over Japan.
With this achievement, he received a National Medal of Honour. People praised his achievement, eventually called him "Baku-o" the king of wheat. His motivation and technology of cultivating wheat and the food culture of Udon are still handed down to generation to generation in his hometown Kumagaya.


To the Kumagaya Sports Cultural Park (the same venue as next year's RWC), please use the free shuttle bus which you can board from the Bus Terminal at Kumagaya Station (North Exit). It is 15 minutes by bus from Kumagaya Station to the venue.

Access to Kumagaya Station

From Tokyo Station
Shinkansen Bullet Train(40 mins.)

From Shinjuku Station
Shonan-Shinjuku Line Special Rapid(60 mins.)